1st/2nd november 2024 cologne Germany

practical pedagogies!

A unique training conference by teachers for teachers

Venue 2024: St. George's British International School, Cologne  

REAL training for REAL classroom teachers!

Background to Practical Pedagogies

"Practical Pedagogies" believes the best training is delivered by practising teachers, sharing effective and creative real-world strategies and resources at an affordable price.

Three successful Practical Pedagogies conferences took place in 2015, 2016 and 2018 at the International School of Toulouse, France and at St. George's British International School Cologne. At each event, teachers from all over the world delivered upwards of 100 sessions in a vibrant, friendly and enriching event over two days. Lunches, refreshments, and evening gaterings provided social opportunities for carrying on the conversations with old friends and new acquaintances.

After a COVID-imposed hiatus, we hope that the next conference in November 2024, once more in Cologne, will be the biggest and best so far. Session proposals are invited as from January, an initial programme will be drawn up in February, and delegates will be encouraged to purchase their tickets from March onwards.

Russel Tarr, lead organiser

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  • Complimentary lunches and refreshments provided on both days
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  • Complimentary lunches and refreshments provided on both days
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Location 2024

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Practical Pedagogies 2024: Conference Timetable

There are so far 000 superb sessions on the timetable this year, covering an amazing range of topics, subjects and disciplines!

Note: subject to change. More sessions may be added in due course based on ticket sales. Delegates will be invited to register for their eight chosen sessions from the finalised timetable as from September.



08.15-08.55: Registration/Coffee

09.00-10.10: Keynote address by Hywel Roberts:
BOTHEREDNESS: Making Learning Matter

Hywel RobertsAs educators, we have become fantastic at refreshing our practice using research and learning science. The time is now right to look again at the art of teaching, where professional discernment, agility and imagination are placed at the heart of what we do. As the education landscape continues to evolve, Hywel will introduce thinking and research around pupil motivation and the ingredients that can support a bespoke curriculum that allows teachers professional freedoms whilst enabling them to sleep well at night. We will engage with some planning examples and grow an understanding of how stories, narratives, and contexts are now being promoted by the cognitive science as useful vehicles for pupil learning. The Keynote will embrace important themes such as AI, inclusion, diversity, independent learning, and creativity. Teachers will leave with tools for their toolkits and ideas that can be applied straight away in their classrooms. Ideas from the day are rooted in reality and will offer colleagues a renewed vigour when returning to their settings.

More about Hywel 


A. Shaun DellentyWhole School LGBT+ Inclusion in Challenging TimesShaun DellentySeminarWhole SchoolPastoral
B. Hywel RobertsBotheredness in Action: Using Narrative and Story to Build Curiosity, Resilience, Optimism, and Hope in the ClassroomHywel RobertsWorkshopWhole SchoolBotheredness
C. Marcelo StaricoffThe Joy of Not Knowing and why it's so good to not know! [Part 1]Marcelo StaricoffWorkshopWhole SchoolClassroom Culture, Metacognition and Lifelong Learning
D. Jack PettittBoys and ReadingJack PettittWorkshopWhole SchoolReading
E. Marine GalvezFacilitating Dialogues for Social Justice in the ClassroomMarine GalvezWorkshopWhole SchoolInclusion/ Facilitation
F. Zoe HussainAll Behaviour is Communication': An insight into this Nurture principle and how it can unlock our understanding of young peopleZoe HussainWorkshopWhole SchoolUnderstanding Behaviour
G. Grace LiuA vital skill: learning how to learnGrace LiuWorkshopWhole SchoolLearning techniques and mindset
H. John BrayWhy is time our enemy? Let's make it a mechanism for learning.John BrayWorkshopWhole SchoolLearning Environments / Wellbeing and Time / Problem solving for programme development.
I. Alex BlackHow to develop Exploratory TalkAlex BlackWorkshopWhole SchoolDeveloping thinking through discussion
J. Tom DucklingCharacter Education in the age of AITom DucklingSeminarWhole SchoolBuilding in character education into curriculum development and learning design
K. Miles BerryThe use of Generative AI in computingMiles BerrySeminarSecondaryComputing
L. Paul Alberts'Powerful' Fieldwork in the Urban Environment: Using student interest, passion, and relevance to your advantagePaul AlbertsWorkshopSecondaryGeography
M. Mandy ButterworthBeyond written assessment-targeting skills often assessed through written form, a different wayMandy ButterworthWorkshopSecondaryAssessment
N. J Rafael AngelDesign, Implementation and Impact of an Inquiry-Based Approach to Teaching Research Skills in SecondaryJ Rafael AngelSeminarSecondaryResearch skills
O. Montgomery ParrottUnlocking scientific vocabulary: teaching Primary Science to children with English as an additional languageMontgomery ParrottWorkshopPrimaryScience
P. Andrew PayneWhat Do Historians Do? Re-introducing students to the historical method.Andrew PayneWorkshopSecondaryHistorical Interpretation and source analysis


A. Anna AndroulakiAI in the literature classroom: romance or mystery?Anna AndroulakiWorkshopWhole SchoolAI, Literature
B. Julie RichardsonLet's Talk About Boys - addressing the challenges that boys face in education and the modern world Julie RichardsonWorkshopWhole SchoolPersonal Development
C. John McCarthyImpactful Differentiation: Powerful Planning Practices for Learner EngagementJohn McCarthyWorkshopWhole SchoolDifferentiation
D. Neil AtkinChanging the Paradigm of Science Teaching and Learning Neil AtkinWorkshopWhole SchoolScience
E. John SuttonCarbon Literacy and Sustainability Planning for schools: What it is and why all schools need to be doing itJohn SuttonSeminarWhole SchoolSustainability
F. Alan Parkinson"The same year 31 times?": reflections on a career in (and out of) the geography classroom.Alan ParkinsonSeminarWhole SchoolGeography / Curriculum making / Pedagogical longevity
G. Carol AllenCommunication, Connection and CollaborationCarol AllenSeminarWhole SchoolInclusive pedagogy for engagement and successful outcomes.
H. Joanne LaddsDesigning Learning SpacesJoanne LaddsWorkshopWhole SchoolLearning spaces, wellbeing, behaviour
I. Amjad AliAdaptable Adaptive TeachingAmjad AliWorkshopWhole SchoolSpecial Educational Needs
J. Rachele GenefiniNurturing Safety and Developing Trustful Relationships: Insights from SENCo and Safeguarding Perspectives (co-presenter: Nico Wusten)Rachele GenefiniWorkshopSecondaryInclusion and wellbeing
K. Daniel RosenExam preparation: How to leverage self quizzing to build independent learnersDaniel RosenWorkshopSecondaryRevision, independence
L. Mia PatrouilleauReading Circles: Implementation and EvaluationMia PatrouilleauWorkshopSecondaryReading and Conversation
M. Terry HaydnGetting secondary history pupils to care about the pastTerry HaydnWorkshopSecondaryHistory
N. Sam CocksworthTED Ed Student Talks: How to organise a successful TED Ed / TEDx Event at your schoolSam CocksworthWorkshopSecondaryExtra-curricular
O. Lisa StevensA few of our favourite things! Activities for the Primary languages classroom Lisa StevensWorkshopPrimaryLanguage learning, engagement, pupil voice
P. Liz GibbsRaising pupil confidence in mathematicsLiz GibbsSeminarPrimaryMathematics


A. Frederika RobertsChange that sticks: Whole School (or classroom!) improvement through Appreciative Inquiry [INTRODUCTORY SEMINAR]Frederika RobertsSeminarWhole SchoolSchool Improvement, Wellbeing, Pupil/Staff/Parent Voice and Engagement
B. Jonny WalkerRemaining human as an educator: harnessing relationships, self-reflection and story to keep hope aliveJonny WalkerWorkshopWhole SchoolSocial learning, wellbeing, literacy, mythology
C. Patrick McHughFrom Surviving to Thriving – Navigating your first year as a Middle LeaderPatrick McHughWorkshopWhole SchoolMiddle Leadership
D. Iryna KostyukChallenges and Opportunities of Integrated History and Civics Education Courses: Are We Losing History?Iryna KostyukWorkshopWhole SchoolHistory
E. Matthew SpavinsLeap into Middle School: Navigating the Year 6 to Year 7 Odyssey!Matthew SpavinsWorkshopWhole SchoolTransition with a focus on pastoral provisions and support
F. Mat BarnsleyPersonal development in outdoor learning: "Knowledge is power, so be powerful" (co-presenters: Josh Smith and David Markland)Mat BarnsleySeminarWhole SchoolOutdoor learning
G. Sohelie ZafarRaising the profile of languages - how to survive in a STEM worldSohelie ZafarSeminarWhole SchoolLanguages
H. John McCarthyEsports: Build a Program that Engages Students into Digital Citizenship and CareersJohn McCarthyWorkshopWhole SchoolEsports
I. Alex BlackHow Epistemic Inquiry can help plan a science curriculum.Alex BlackWorkshopWhole SchoolScience
J. Emily ButtrissMental Health Marvels: Unleashing your superpowers of student support (co-presenter: Shannon Clark)Emily ButtrissWorkshopSecondaryWellbeing
K. Emily ChandlerEmbedding Literacy Skills into LessonsEmily ChandlerWorkshopSecondaryLiteracy
L. David FairweatherTheory of Knowledge in the Science ClassroomDavid FairweatherWorkshopSecondaryScience, Theory of Knowledge
M. Miles BerryGenerative AI and the Maths Teacher Miles BerrySeminarSecondaryMathematics
N. David RogersThe power of geographical enquiry: how great geographers change the world and why the enquiry approach and cognitive science are natural bedfellows.David RogersWorkshopSecondaryGeography, Enquiry, Cognitive Science
O. Justine OtteNext Generation Reading Workshop: How the Science of Reading and Writing can enhance our workshop practices. 2) Leveraging the Interactive Read Aloud to Support ALL Learners Justine OtteWorkshopPrimaryK-5 Reading / G3-8 Reading
P. Simon Blower10 ways to improve writing in your classSimon BlowerWorkshopPrimaryEnglish - writing


A. Marcelo StaricoffThe Joy of Not Knowing [Part 2] - Introducing the Wonders of The Learning to Learn WeekMarcelo StaricoffWorkshopWhole SchoolClassroom Culture, Pedagogy, Metacognition and Lifelong Learning
B. Grace LiuCultivating Connections: Empowering Coaching Skills for EducatorsGrace LiuWorkshopWhole SchoolCoaching/Communication/Connection
C. Frederika RobertsCreating Flourishing Schools through Appreciative Inquiry (INTERACTIVE TASTER WORKSHOP)Frederika RobertsWorkshopWhole SchoolWellbeing, Participative Improvement, Flourishing
D. Victoria HarrisonEmbedding Education for Sustainable Development and Climate Action across the CurriculumVictoria HarrisonWorkshopWhole SchoolWhole School, Curriculum, Education for Sustainable Development, Climate Action
E. Callum MaskillEmpowering Excellence: Harnessing the Power of Professional Learning Communities in Successful Development CyclesCallum MaskillSeminarWhole SchoolProfessional Development
F. Suzana MicoHow to update pedagogical strategies in special education needsSuzana MicoWorkshopWhole SchoolHumanities
G. Paul BatesonImaginary Communities – Story based pedagogy for Primary and Secondary Paul BatesonWorkshopWhole SchoolCurriculum / Pedagogy / PSHEE - Citizenship
H. Alka TownendLeast said, Soonest Mended': Tackling the Death Taboo by finding ways to address loss and grief in the classroom.Alka TownendSeminarWhole SchoolSupporting the Wellbeing of Bereaved pupils in the School Environment
I. Richard AllawayGenAI Literacy as an Approach to LearningRichard AllawayWorkshopSecondaryGenerative Artificial Intelligence
J. Alex Fairlamb 'The Golden 5. Literacy as a Golden Thread in a Secondary Curriculum.'Alex Fairlamb WorkshopSecondaryLiteracy
K. Tom GagnonTeaching Humanities to English learners: Practical ideas to break down barriers and build confidenceTom GagnonWorkshopSecondaryHumanities/English Language Learners
L. Elizabeth HutchinsonInquiry-based learning: Essential skills in the world of AI using FOSIL (Framework Of Skills for Inquiry Learning)Elizabeth HutchinsonSeminarSecondaryInquiry based learning
M. Naomi LouiseTransforming K-12 Education: Exploring the Innovative Impact of AI Tools"Naomi LouiseWorkshopSecondaryAI
N. Marti HendrichsGreen STEM Education: A practical approach to integrate STEM in Primary School.Marti HendrichsWorkshopPrimarySTEM Education
O. Bryn LlewellynWhy do we sit so much in school? Let's move AND learn!Bryn LlewellynWorkshopPrimaryEmbodied cognition
P. Jean  KnappThree Refreshing Approaches to Mathematical Word Problems (5-13 years)Jean KnappWorkshopPrimaryMathematics



A. Kate JonesFeedback: Strategies to support teacher workload and student progressKate JonesWorkshopWhole SchoolFeedback
B. Ricardo MartinezBottoms Up! Create inclusive learning environments by writing objectives for Special Educational Needs (SEN) studentsRicardo MartinezSeminarWhole SchoolDifferentiation
C. Jonathon DallimoreTeaching Students to Argue IntelligentlyJonathon DallimoreWorkshopWhole SchoolClassroom discussion
D. Neil AtkinCan you really create an outstanding lesson using AI in just a few minutes? Neil AtkinWorkshopWhole SchoolPedagogy
E. Joanne MeredithEnhancing Geography Education - Practical ways to embed GIS into every lessonJoanne MeredithWorkshopWhole SchoolGeography/GIS
F. Laura ZajontzMove, Learn, succed: The power of Brain GymLaura ZajontzWorkshopWhole SchoolBrain Gym
G. Daniel RosenLeading teams - how to facilitate healthy conflict in meetingsDaniel RosenSeminarWhole SchoolLeading a team
H. Jim NobleMathematics lessons to look forward toJim NobleWorkshopWhole SchoolLesson activities
I. Aurelia Thompson-McNicolIntegrating the SDGs within and beyond the MYP and IB classroom: A selection of illustrative examples (co-presenter: Sarah Lalaz)Aurelia Thompson-McNicolWorkshopWhole SchoolSustainable Development Goals / MYP/ IBDP
J. Jasmin DieckhoenerWe need to talk about CHANGE! Exciting? Scary? Necessary! Fast!Jasmin DieckhoenerWorkshopWhole SchoolImpact of change on all involved in education
K. Anna HortonSo, your school is considering switching to the IB MYP framework. What happens next?Anna HortonWorkshopSecondaryAn introduction to the MYP (Humanities focus)
L. Joanne KilburnTeaching Controversies: How do we tackle complex issues in the classroom?Joanne KilburnWorkshopSecondaryTeaching Controverises
M. Lesley MartinImproving overall attainment and boosting wellbeing through reading for pleasureLesley MartinWorkshopSecondaryAttainment/Wellbeing/Reading
N. Michael DunnExiting our Echo ChambersMichael DunnWorkshopWhole SchoolCritical thinking (via TOK)
O. Therese HoyleHow to Create Positive Playtimes in your School: Top Tips for managing behaviour and building relationships in your playgroundTherese HoyleWorkshopPrimaryOutdoor Play and Learning
P. Deon du PlessisThe Buzz Word in International Schools: Citizenship!Deon du PlessisWorkshopPrimaryCitizenship


A. Miles BerryAI for accessibility and inclusionMiles BerryWorkshopWhole SchoolComputing, inclusion
B. Nick Haisman-Smith"Beyond an Initiative" - Practices to embed social and emotional learning (SEL) and wellbeing into all teaching and learning, and make it stick!Nick Haisman-SmithWorkshopWhole SchoolWellbeing, Social and Emotional Learning
C. Andy ChaplinUsing the Appliance of Science (and other Knowledge!) to Improve Learning OutcomesAndy ChaplinSeminarWhole SchoolProject work, cross-curricular teaching
D. Mat Barnsley Small Changes make Big Differences (co-presenters: Josh Smith and David Markland)Mat Barnsley WorkshopWhole SchoolTeaching techniques/ Fire lighting
E. Yasemin AllsopComputational thinking to creativity: Unleashing the power of stories Yasemin AllsopSeminarWhole SchoolComputational thinking, problem solving, creativity, neuroscience
F. Jessica LeeDigital Citizenship for Generation AlphaJessica LeeWorkshopWhole SchoolDigital Citizenship/Educational Technology
G. Laura Riley-GentonMore than just a language : ideas to teach foreign languages to mixed nationalitiesLaura Riley-GentonWorkshopWhole SchoolMFL/EAL
H. David O'ConnellA Culture Shift: leading school improvement through inquiryDavid O'ConnellSeminarWhole SchoolLesson Study and Inquiry
I. Louisa HornerSqueezing significance charts for all they're worth: Helping our History students create meaningful and substantiated judgements (co-presenter: Kate Wilson)Louisa HornerWorkshopSecondaryHistory
J. Oliver BowlesA Carousel of tried and tested engaging mathematical investigations that combine Inquiry, Cognitive Load and TeamworkOliver BowlesWorkshopSecondaryMathematics (Inquiry / Cognitive Load / Teamwork)
K. Christopher WallaceDeveloping connection through authenticity and vulnerability through the dramatic artsChristopher WallaceWorkshopSecondaryTheatre / Drama / classroom culture strategies
L. Pamela UsaiUnlockED: Gamifying the Secondary ClassroomPamela UsaiWorkshopSecondaryDifferentiation, Gamification
M. Lewis CrowtonUsing philosophical discussion to promote critical thinkingLewis CrowtonWorkshopPrimaryClassroom discussion
N. Rusty MayConsciously Creating Connection In Your ClassroomRusty MaySeminarPrimaryClassroom Management, Inclusion, SEL, Character, Behavior, Relationship


A. Frederika RobertsPractical Mental Health and Wellbeing Tools (for you, your colleagues and your students)Frederika RobertsWorkshopWhole SchoolWellbeing
B. Kristin DucarmeUsing Thinking Maps to Enhance instructional experiences for variable learnersKristin DucarmeWorkshopWhole SchoolThinking Maps
C. Stuart RatheUsing Drama to enhance comprehension and written outcomes at Key Stage 2 and beyond. Stuart RatheWorkshopWhole SchoolDrama / Literacy
D. Simon BendryTeaching 'World Wars' - how to broaden and deepen your students understanding of global conflicts in the 20th CenturySimon BendryWorkshopWhole SchoolHistory
E. Josh MooreThe Meek Shall Inherit the Earth - Accommodating introverts in your classroomJosh MooreSeminarWhole SchoolAll subjects / Teaching strategies / Inclusion
F. Amelia Sevilla MartinUsing AI to implement the Universal Design of Learning (UDL)Amelia Sevilla MartinWorkshopWhole Schoolinclusion
G. Karen CorfieldThe value of outside the classroom opportunities : A Teacher and Student PerspectiveKaren CorfieldSeminarWhole SchoolOut of the classroom opportunities
H. Andy ChaplinWho's afraid of the big bad wolf? Turn A.I. from a scavenger into a pet bunny and turbocharge the focus in your classroomAndy ChaplinSeminarWhole SchoolClasswork and project-work preparation
I. Jim NobleExperiencing Theory of KnowledgeJim NobleWorkshopWhole SchoolLesson activities
J. Phil BoydellCurriculum - from principles into practicePhil BoydellWorkshopWhole SchoolCurriculum
K. Matthew PodburyUsing iconic music and album artwork in the Geography classroom and beyondMatthew PodburyWorkshopSecondaryGeography
L. Murray WilkinsonEpistemic Insight: harnessing disciplinary knowledge to answer Big Questions in your classroomMurray WilkinsonWorkshopSecondaryDisciplinary knowledge
M. Hywel RobertsBOTHEREDNESS: making learning matter through story Hywel RobertsWorkshopPrimaryHumanities / English / Drama
N. Alka TownendReading and Writing Floats on a Sea of Talk' (Britton, 1976) Alka TownendWorkshopPrimaryTalk Pedagogy and Literacy


A. Graham SmithThe benefits for multilingual students of a long term professional development partnership focused on teaching and learningGraham SmithWorkshopWhole SchoolDeveloping academic language skills
B. Yui YoshinariSTEAM: how to start a STEAM club or integrate STEAM into your lessonsYui YoshinariWorkshopWhole SchoolSTEAM
C. Jo CastroTalk less and listen moreJo CastroWorkshopWhole SchoolListening to Empower Learning
D. Dave Stacey"But I'm a teacher, not a reseacher!" - Using an inquiry model to unlock the potential of teacher-led researchDave StaceyWorkshopWhole SchoolResearch and Inquiry
E. Tom CoxDeveloping Creative Problem Solving Skills Through Escape Room LearningTom CoxWorkshopWhole SchoolCreative problem solving
F. Rose NeilsonCreative Chaos: approaches to reconciling artistic development with quantitative assessment Rose NeilsonWorkshopWhole SchoolAssessment
G. Calum WrightCalling all educators to help build a Fresh Air future for for our learners! Calum WrightWorkshopWhole SchoolOutdoor Learning, Sustainaibility Education
H. Ceridwen TempleGet Out There! Navigating school trips with confidence and success. Ceridwen TempleWorkshopWhole SchoolSchool trips/ Outdoor Education
I. Ben WalshArtificial Intelligence in the History Classroom: a SWOT analysisBen WalshSeminarSecondaryHistory
J. Kathryn McGilvrayTeaching Transferable Skills.Kathryn McGilvrayWorkshopSecondaryTransferable Skills
K. Kate Wilson"The limits of my language are the limits of my world." Strategies to support subject literacy and deep thinking for students learning in a second language (co-presenter: Louisa Horner)Kate WilsonWorkshopSecondaryLearning in English as a Second Language
L. Hayley ThompsonPrimary Computing: Preparing children for a future unknownHayley ThompsonWorkshopPrimaryComputing
M. Laura VeneziaCreating Inviting and Supportive EnvironmentsLaura VeneziaWorkshopPrimaryEarly Childhood Environments

16.10-17.00: Endnote address from Hywel Roberts

17.00-17.30: Coffee, raffle prizes from our exhibitors and sponsors, and close

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If you want to go to a truly global International Education Conference then this is the best one to go to. It is well priced and provides opportunities to grow your Professional Networks with some really genuine and inspiring teachers. There are different education systems to see and rich conversations to be had from around the globe. The organisation for presenters and attendees is excellent including the facilities, food and time to meet and greet. It was the most worthwhile conference I have ever attended and I'll be returning this year with some super excited teachers from Australia!
Kathryn McGilvray Managing Director, eLearning Educational Solutions, NSW Australia
Practical Pedagogies ranks highly as one of the best conferences I have ever had the opportunity to attend. It was such an honor to be invited as a presenter and to join the many other thoughtful educators who were also asked to present. The conversations that developed during my session and the others I attended were deep and meaningful. The nuts and bolts of the conference itself, including meals, transportation, and on-site organization, made the event stress-free and fun. I absolutely recommend this conference to any educator interested in a thought-provoking, international learning experience.
Brian Mull Innovation and Learning Design Coordinator, Trinity Episcopal School, New Orleans, USA
The learning experiences were immediately applicable to my teaching approaches. Still to this day, I infuse these strategies into my instructional designs of face-to-face, blended and online courses. I truly valued the face-to-face professional networking opportunities with like minded educational colleagues that I had once only known met as online Twitter education friends. The opportunity to extend these in-depth conversations complimented with new teaching and learning experiences in a collaborative setting was so valuable to me as an educator.
Naomi Harm Technology Leadership Specialist / Senior Strategic Education Manager, United States
An incredibly wide ranging, thought provoking and - most importantly - useful conference. As an international teacher it was particularly useful to meet and chat with other overseas teachers face-to-face. In terms of the conference sessions, everything I attended delivered something that either I could implement in my classroom or that got me to reflect more critically on what I already do. The huge range of available sessions meant I could mix a focus on my subject area with some of the broader conceptual sessions that took place.
Scott Allsop Head of Humanities, @BSB_Humanities, Bucharest, Romania
The Practical Pedagogies conference is like no other because it brings together educators from across the globe. It offers a eclectic mix of thought provoking, practical and inspiring workshops, led by an equally varied selection of people who have effective teaching and learning slap bang in the middle of their thoughts. It has formed a vital part of my CPD, and I defy anyone to attend and not be challenged and changed.
Lisa Stevens MFL teacher with a passion for creativity and technology, Director of Lisibo Ltd, UK
The Practical Pedagogies conference stands out from the other conferences due to the unique set up of having fellow conference members providing the sessions. These sessions are relevant and provide hands-on techniques that are useful for all teachers of any age. The family-like atmosphere created by Russel allows all conference members to socialise and interact with fellow educators from around the world. The money saved on this very affordable conference can then be used on the pub crawl where the truly deep pedagogical discussions take place!
Jesse Bywater Leader for Learning, Harbour International Primary School, Rotterdam, The Netherlands