1st/2nd november 2024 cologne Germany

practical pedagogies!

A unique training conference by teachers for teachers

Venue 2024: St. George's British International School, Cologne  

REAL training for REAL classroom teachers!

Background to Practical Pedagogies

Educational conferences can be prohibitively expensive for ordinary teachers, and often focus on abstract theory rather than real-world ways of immediately improving classroom practice. In contrast, "Practical Pedagogies" believes the best training is delivered by practising teachers, sharing effective and creative strategies and resources at an affordable price.

Three successful Practical Pedagogies conferences took place in 2015, 2016 and 2018 at the International School of Toulouse, France and at St. George's British International School Cologne. At each event, teachers from all over the world delivered upwards of 100 sessions in a vibrant, friendly and enriching event over two days. Hot lunches, refreshments, and evening gaterings provided social opportunities for carrying on the conversations with old friends and new acquaintances.

After a COVID-imposed hiatus, we hope that the next conference in November 2024, once more in Cologne, will be the biggest and best so far. Session proposals are invited as from January, an initial programme will be drawn up in February, and delegates will be encouraged to purchase their tickets from March onwards.

If you are willing to share your experiences and expertise, why not submit your proposal straight away?

Russel Tarr, lead organiser

Location 2024

Keynote Speaker

Hywel Roberts



Hywel has been a teacher for more than 30 years, with experience in Special, Primary and Secondary settings, nationally and internationally. In addition to working in schools, Hywel is a regular contributor to conferences worldwide and is in demand as a keynote speaker. His award-winning book ‘Oops! Getting Children to Learn Accidentally’ is published by Crown House Publishing. He writes a regular column for the Times Educational Supplement about his encounters as a ‘travelling teacher’. His new book ‘Uncharted Territories’, written with Dr Debra Kidd, was published in 2018. Hywel’s number one Bestseller on Amazon, Botheredness was published in 2023. He has also contributed fiction to a prison-based literacy reading programme developed by The Shannon Trust. Hywel is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a Fellow of the Charted College of Teaching.

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The next conference takes place in November 2024.

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If you want to go to a truly global International Education Conference then this is the best one to go to. It is well priced and provides opportunities to grow your Professional Networks with some really genuine and inspiring teachers. There are different education systems to see and rich conversations to be had from around the globe. The organisation for presenters and attendees is excellent including the facilities, food and time to meet and greet. It was the most worthwhile conference I have ever attended and I'll be returning this year with some super excited teachers from Australia!
Kathryn McGilvray Managing Director, eLearning Educational Solutions, NSW Australia
Practical Pedagogies ranks highly as one of the best conferences I have ever had the opportunity to attend. It was such an honor to be invited as a presenter and to join the many other thoughtful educators who were also asked to present. The conversations that developed during my session and the others I attended were deep and meaningful. The nuts and bolts of the conference itself, including meals, transportation, and on-site organization, made the event stress-free and fun. I absolutely recommend this conference to any educator interested in a thought-provoking, international learning experience.
Brian Mull Innovation and Learning Design Coordinator, Trinity Episcopal School, New Orleans, USA
The learning experiences were immediately applicable to my teaching approaches. Still to this day, I infuse these strategies into my instructional designs of face-to-face, blended and online courses. I truly valued the face-to-face professional networking opportunities with like minded educational colleagues that I had once only known met as online Twitter education friends. The opportunity to extend these in-depth conversations complimented with new teaching and learning experiences in a collaborative setting was so valuable to me as an educator.
Naomi Harm Technology Leadership Specialist / Senior Strategic Education Manager, United States
An incredibly wide ranging, thought provoking and - most importantly - useful conference. As an international teacher it was particularly useful to meet and chat with other overseas teachers face-to-face. In terms of the conference sessions, everything I attended delivered something that either I could implement in my classroom or that got me to reflect more critically on what I already do. The huge range of available sessions meant I could mix a focus on my subject area with some of the broader conceptual sessions that took place.
Scott Allsop Head of Humanities, @BSB_Humanities, Bucharest, Romania
The Practical Pedagogies conference is like no other because it brings together educators from across the globe. It offers a eclectic mix of thought provoking, practical and inspiring workshops, led by an equally varied selection of people who have effective teaching and learning slap bang in the middle of their thoughts. It has formed a vital part of my CPD, and I defy anyone to attend and not be challenged and changed.
Lisa Stevens MFL teacher with a passion for creativity and technology, Director of Lisibo Ltd, UK
The Practical Pedagogies conference stands out from the other conferences due to the unique set up of having fellow conference members providing the sessions. These sessions are relevant and provide hands-on techniques that are useful for all teachers of any age. The family-like atmosphere created by Russel allows all conference members to socialise and interact with fellow educators from around the world. The money saved on this very affordable conference can then be used on the pub crawl where the truly deep pedagogical discussions take place!
Jesse Bywater Leader for Learning, De Blijberg International Primary School, Rotterdam, The Netherlands